Container Service Intermediary B.V.

We are specialized in the transportation of mainly containers containing fruits and vegetables. Usually our clients want to receive the products as soon as possible after unloading. This means that we must always be alert to the availability of the container. As a consequence we must be able to switch quickly with our regular group of transporters.


CSI is your control tower:

  • Checks the ETAs of the vessels
  • Regulates the commercial release the inland shipping companies
  • If required, CSI will pay your sea freight.

CSI has developed a software tool with which it can monitor your container at all times, such as:

  • The ETA of the vessel
  • Coordinate with the transport and customer the arrival time of the container with a view to inspections of the veterinarian authority.
  • Maintaining contact with CSI-Fresh B.V. for a proper and timely customs clearance.