Customs Solutions & Improvements B.V.

CSI can assist you in all customs and international trade related issues

Requesting Licenses:

  • customs storage;
  • excise warehouses;
  • inward and outward processing;
  • treatments under customs supervision;
  • AEO (authorised economic operator)


  • requests for reimbursement;
  • objections;
  • appeals.

Customs planning:

  • classification of goods in the Combined Nomenclature;
  • requesting binding tariff information;
  • origin determination;
  • request binding origin information;
  • analyzing customs value;
  • analyzing the entire declaration process.
Customs CSI Fresh

Advice in the field of non-fiscal legislation

Food safety, general product safety, anti-dumping duties, import and export licenses, phytosanitary measures (measures for the import of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables), precursors, WEEE, export control, etc.


Below we have included an example with which we have realized considerable cost savings for various clients:

At this moment for many companies we customs clear the products per container. The costs for making an import declaration vary between 50 and 100 EURO.

We believe that the by importation of products done via a simplified declaration system a company can achieve  a considerable saving on documentation costs. In addition, the overall efficiency will increase.

Below we have listed the benefits of such a simplified system.

  • As CSI carries out all the activities, your customs department is unnecessary. Also no more customs knowledge is required within your company;
  • Postponement of payment of customs duties due; these must be paid no later than the 15th day of the following month. This gives a liquidity benefit of up to 45 days;
  • Customs are only due when the goods are removed from the treatments under customs surveillance with destination imports (including those from third parties);
  • Monthly management reports based on monthly declarations (because the goods must be indicated by means of a monthly declaration, you will receive monthly reports, giving a complete overview of all goods declared for consumption in the past month);
  • Seeing as no import declarations have to be made anymore by a logistics service provider, they no longer have to be checked for correctness. This can lead to savings in personnel costs, or the staff can be deployed in a different manner;
  • The quality of the logistics processes within your company will increase. With this permit the goods are always indicated in good time for import to consumption. One does not have to wait until the goods are released by customs;
  • Risk management.